Farm Market Info

Welcome to another season in our Farm Market! While we admit that some things may look a little different, the same fresh, great tastes of Ontario produce, and products await you!

Here is an idea of some of the changes you can expect:

  1. We are currently requesting only ONE PERSON per family, if possible,  come to shop in our Market. Support individuals are welcome. While we LOVE that we are often a family destination, in this season, it is prudent to eliminate groups so that we can provide a safer shopping experience. If you need to bring your children to shop with you, please be sure that they are holding onto your shopping cart at all times, and not touching anything. (They can enjoy watching the train!)
  2. A dedicated entrance on the west side, and exit on the east side of our entryway.  
  3. A limited number of people in the Market at one time. If we are at capacity, we will have two wait lines, one for Market shoppers and the other for Frozen Yogurt/Gelato Customers.  Please look at the signs to stand in the correct line.  Additionally, please note that Fro Yo/Gelato is take out only. 
  4.   Sanitized shopping carts for each customer, and a hand sanitizing station at the entrance.  
  5. Physical distancing guidelines and one way flow of traffic in our Market. Floor stickers will assist with this.
  6. You may bring reusable shopping bags or bins.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Market! 

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