Health and Safety Measures In Covid-19

At Herrle’s Country Farm Market, we are committed to keeping our employees and customers safe. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented the following measures:

  1. We are currently requesting ONE PERSON per family, if possible,  shop in our Market. While we LOVE that we are often a family destination, in this season, it is prudent to eliminate groups so that we can provide a safer shopping experience. 
  2. Physical distancing guidelines in our Market.
  3. One way traffic in our Market.
  4. Online ordering and curbside pickup for customers who choose not to enter the Market. 
  5. In our Market, high touch areas will be regularly disinfected. Additionally, at our Market entrance, we have hand sanitizer and shopping cart sanitizer available.
  6. Customers who bring reusable bags/bins are asked to keep them in the cart until they arrive at the cash register. We request that reusable produce bags be kept in carts too, whenever possible.
  7. Gelato and Frozen Yogurt are for take out only. Please do not eat in the Market.
  8. We are discouraging returns at this time. If a product is defective, it can be returned along with your receipt for a refund or exchange.
  9. A detailed Covid – 19 Health and Safety Policy for our employees with instruction on self assessment before coming to work, increased hygienic practices, wearing PPE, and physical distancing whenever possible. 

Thank you for understanding and your patience as we do our best to keep our community well.

The Herrle Family