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Closed for the Season

We will be closing for the season on October 31. If you wish to purchase a large quantity of baked goods, please call ahead to place your order, and we will have it ready for you! 519 886 7576.

Ontario Onions

We are presently selling Ontario onions, and so they are not affected by the recall notice.

Fresh Apple Cider in a box

The Geissburger Portable Cider Press visited our Farm to press fresh, flash pasteurized cider into boxes. The Boxed Cider is shelf stable for 1 year, unopened, and up to 3 months, once opened. Cider boxes are available in our Farm Market in 3L $13.95… Continue Reading “Fresh Apple Cider in a box”

P. Y. O. Strawberries

Our PYO Strawberry season is closed for 2021. Our Farm Market will have berries available for purchase, but the opportunity to pick your own is finished for this year! When we are open, this is how we operate our PYO strawberry field in order… Continue Reading “P. Y. O. Strawberries”

Corn on the Cob!

Sweet corn season is winding down. In our Market, sweet corn is pre packaged in quantities of 2 cobs, 6 cobs, and dozens. Please do not open or husk in the Market. Sweet corn is $0.70/cob.