What Our Customers Are Saying…

“I ‘discovered’ your Erb’s Rd location early Summer 2014 and went back each week- multiple times each week until season close Oct.31/14- and I was there the last day of the season.

The staff are courteous, approachable, friendly, more than willing to help with anything and very welcoming. The products (and I mean everything) were unsurpassable in quality, quantity and just down right amazing.

I’m 40, and when my mom comes to visit from Niagara area, Herrle’s is the 1st place on the list to visit (and we visit daily, sometimes going back several times the same day). And when I hear her say that the fresh veggies/fruits brings her back to what everything tasted like when she was a kid- I know your establishment is a veritable goldmine.

I will never stop being a patron. If I ever move away, I will find a way to come back.”


“Another great feature of Herrle’s is its pick-your-own-patch option for customers wishing to foray into the fields for freshly picked berries. Although with a motto like “Freshness Makes the Difference,” you’re sure to be surrounded by freshly-picked freshness in every aspect of the farm store too.

While I was pressed for time on Friday, I couldn’t resist visiting Herrle’s for the first time this season. I picked up fresh strawberries, peas in the pod, peppers, cherries, mushrooms and asparagus.”

Stratford, Ontario

“We have been coming to you for years now and have so many wonderful family memories associated with going to Herrles! A trip to your farm for frozen yogurt and outdoor play always marked the last day of school for our children as they grew up. And trips throughout the Summer to pick berries and bring home beautiful and healthy local produce, and of course some baking too, has taught them to truly appreciate what farmers offer our community and how grateful we are for your hard work in a challenging profession.

They see your friendliness and care and we all feel that good energy in the food we bring home too. Truly a gift. Summer would not be Summer without you; it’s that simple. And when we sit in our kitchen in February watching the snow drift outside our window, eating the berries we froze back in June after a morning of ‘picking your own’, our hearts warm with the memory. And when the berry supply dwindles, we begin the countdown to when you will graciously, so generously, open your doors and fields once again and invite our community, our families to meet your family and benfit mutually from the gifts your hard, loving work offers.

We are just so very grateful that you are here doing what you do in the world, and that our friend so very long ago said to us when we were new to the community, “Oh you have to go to Herrles! The corn is out of this world!” Thank you again for what you do.

Peace and Gratitude,
Marg and Gary, Claire, Matt, Veronica and Daniel
Waterloo, Ontario

“Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with your strawberries. Stacey & I dealt with 10 flats and there were only two berries in the whole lot that were discarded. That’s amazing!!!

“Obviously your staff really give their full attention when picking as there was no straw in the boxes either. I also found your inside staff very courteous and helpfull which is often a rare thing these days.

“The berries themselves are juicy and delicious and so easy to prepare for the freezer. While at your market I also picked up a large variety of other produce, all of which is top notch quality.

Thanks so much for the great overall experience.”

Fergus, Ontario

“My personal favourite place to go for locally grown ingredients is Herrle’s Market, on Erb Street West between Waterloo and St. Agatha. The food there is always beautiful, and I like and trust the family that runs it.”

Luisa D’Amato