Employment Applications

Thank you to the many applicants who were interested in working with us this year, in our 60th season! We received a record number of employment applications!

For those interested in an employment opportunity with us in the future, before you tell us more about yourself, we would like to acquaint you with our business.  We are a seasonal family business, open daily June to October 31, with weekends and holidays being our busiest times.  We hire both full and part time employees. The deadline for application submission for our 2025 season is April 1.

We are looking for responsible, friendly, and motivated employees who could capably work in a team environment for the entirety of our season.  All employees must have strength to do heavy lifting (15kg).

The Field – Field tasks include hoeing, weeding, picking strawberries, sweet corn, pumpkins, and other produce, as well as grounds maintenance. It is outdoor, strenuous, physical work. Applicants must have the strength to lift up to 25 kg; and freedom from severe pollen allergies.

The Market – Our market has 3 main departments: Cash, Bakery and Produce.  Bakery and Produce employees are also fully trained cashiers, ready to assist on cash whenever needed, but primarily responsible for tasks in the Bakery or Produce departments. As noted, strength for heaving lifting is required in all our work

  1. Cashiers –Cashiers are responsible for serving customers in a friendly and efficient manner, communicating well, operating the cash register accurately, stocking shelves, and maintaining Market cleanliness and appearance.
  2. Bakery  – Bakery staff team members are responsible for  preparing, packaging and serving baked goods and other food items, maintaining cleanliness and inventory organization in the Bakery.
  3. Produce – Produce staff team members are responsible for the preparation and presentation of produce, maintaining cleanliness and inventory organization in the produce areas.

If you wish to work with us, please complete our employment application form and submit it to us online at herrlesapplication@gmail.com, or by making an appointment to submit in person. Thank you for your interest!