School Tours

Since 1992, we have been providing educational experiences for children in preschool through grade 1 with our Fall Farm tours program. Our tours are 90 minutes in lengths and are available during 2 different times at 9:45 and 11:45. We have indoor facilities for classes and can run our tours rain or shine.


What does our farm tour program include?

Four Activity-Based Learning Centres;
1) Play time in a corn maze, a hay jump and in a giant inflated pumpkin
2) Play time with miniature farm machinery in a corn box
3) Discovery time in the pumpkin patch, picking pumpkins
4) Exploration time with seeds in a 130 year old barn

A wagon ride along strawberry and pumpkin fields to observe environment (water source) and technology (irrigation systems, equipment and tools).

A tour of our retail store to see how farm produce is marketed.

Our Tour Schedule:
Daily, Mondays to Fridays, from late September to October 31
Approximate start times; 9:45, 11:45  (90 minute tour)

What will your students take home?
· a small pumpkin
· a colouring sheet
· a container with the seeds they have planted, for your classroom

What does the Tour cost?
· Regular Tour: $6.00 per student (taxes included)
· Deluxe Tour: $7.25 per student (taxes included) A snack of apple juice and freshly baked cookies is included in the Deluxe Tour.
· Teachers are free!

Please note that there is a minimum class charge of $100.

To book a Tour, please call 519-886-7576 or e-mail us with your preferred dates and times. Payment is due at the time of the Tour.