Sweet Corn-old


In Waterloo Region, our farm is known for our “fresh from the field” sweet corn. It is our signature product. We grow over 120 acres of sweet corn and pick it fresh daily, because freshness makes the difference!

We plant our sweet corn over a ten week time period, thus enabling us to harvest fresh corn from mid July through to mid October, weather permitting.

We grow three main types or classifications of sweet corn, Sugary Enhanced, Super Sweet and Gourmet Sweet. Of these types, we grow primarily yellow and bicolour varieties.

In our Farm Market, since we offer a selection of sweet corn varieties, all of our sweet corn bins are labeled with the variety, colour and classification. Informative brochures, signs and helpful staff are also available to help our customers make an educated choice when selecting their corn.


· Available first in the season due to its ability to tolerate cooler spring soils
· 20-30% sugar content
· “Sweet and tender”
· Recommended cooking: 5-7 minutes in boiling water
· Can be refrigerated for a few days

· Available mid to end season
· 30-52% sugar content
· “Very sweet and crunchy”
· Longer cooking time required – 10-12 minutes in boiling water
· Can be refrigerated for up to a week without any deterioration in taste

· Available mid to end season
· 30-50% sugar content
· “Very sweet and tender”
· Combines the tenderness of a Sugary Enhanced and the sweetness of a Super Sweet
· Recommended cooking: 7-10 minutes in boiling water
· Has the improved shelf life of a Super Sweet and can be refrigerated for up to a week without any deterioration in taste

For large orders (10 dozen or more) please contact us…

The Peaches & Cream Myth

Peaches & Cream was the name given to one of the first Bi-colour varieties of sweet corn, grown in the 1970’s. This variety is generally no longer grown as many new Bi-colour varieties, such as Navajo, and Absolute are far superior. Today, many Bi-colour varieties are erroneously labeled Peaches and Cream.