PYO Strawberries

To promote the wellbeing of our community, and in adherence with the guidelines established by local and provincial authorities, we will:

  • Ask customers to complete a wellness self assessment prior to arriving at our PYO fields ( and to stay home if they do not pass the assessment.
  • Ask all customers to drive to our PYO field, and park in the designated parking spaces.
  • Have one-direction foot paths for customers to enter and return from the field. (All PYO customers must be able to walk at least 1 km, as some rows are a distance from the parking lot.)
  • Charge by volume to reduce points of contact between customers and customer service staff in the field. 
  • Allow customers to purchase and pick into either 1.5 L, or 3L baskets or a new, standardized 5.6 L white pail. Return customers may reuse any of these standardized containers on subsequent visits. 
  • Charge each customer (over the age of 14) for a minimum of one full basket or one full white pail of strawberries, to enter the patch. 
  • Expect children to stay with their family unit at all times, and pick only in their assigned row. 
  • Encourage all customers to practice proper sanitation. Hand sanitizer will be offered at the entrance to and the exit from the field. 
  • NOT permit sampling or eating in the field. Anyone eating will be asked to leave the farm, and a refund will not be given.
  • Assign rows to customers, and operate a flag system to indicate where one customer has finished picking and the next customer should begin.  Customers may pick only in their row, and not from the adjacent rows.
  • Not allow pets on the farm.

We thank you for adhering to these guidelines. Any guests to our farm not respecting them may be asked to leave and a refund will not be given. 

PYO hours:
June 16 & 17: 8AM-1PM
Friday, June 18th, regular hours commence: Monday to Friday 8-6:30, Saturday 8-5, Sunday 9-5.

The field will be closed if we are picked out.

PYO location: 1231 and 1264 Erb’s Road, St. Agatha.  Look for the large roadside sign at either location to know where we are offering PYO for that day.