P. Y. O. Strawberries CLOSED for the Season!

The strawberry PYO season is over for 2024. We are picked out! We do not offer any other pick your own crops.

Next season, if you are planning a PYO strawberry outing, the following information may be helpful:

Bring your containers and drive to fields at 1264 Erb’s Road, St. Agatha. These fields are located on the opposite side of the road from our Farm Market. Drive to 1264 Erb’s Rd. and then follow the lane to the right, about 0.7 km to the parking lot which is in the field by the customer service shack. If you are being dropped off, or picked up, please instruct your driver to go all the way to the parking lot by the Strawberry field.

PYO strawberries are sold by weight, $3.10/lb or $6.82/kg. Cash, debit or credit are accepted. Bring your containers, weigh them and receive directions to the area of the field where we are picking. A field guide will lead you to a specific row and explain our flag system to you. We use a flag system so that everyone can have good picking (you are not picking where someone else has already picked!) Upon completion, return to the strawberry shack, to “weigh out” your berries and pay for them. Wireless debit/credit terminals are available in the fields.

Some reminders:

  • please drive to our PYO field, and park in the designated parking spaces
  • all PYO customers must be able to walk at least 1 km, as some rows are a distance away
  • children are welcome in the patch and must be supervised
  • if you forget to bring containers, you can purchase some in the field
  • there is no eating in the field – you may sample a few berries
  • please pick only in your assigned row, and not from the adjacent rows
  • please move your flag forward at the end of your picking to where you stopped picking
  • pets are not permitted on the farm. Service dogs are welcome
  • the field closes when we are picked out or in thunderstorms and heavy rains
  • please be courteous to all field staff, as they are there to direct, eliminate confusion, explain procedures and assist you in purchasing your berries.

Tips for picking: “Go slow, and stay low” – pick thoroughly. Lift the green foliage of the plant to find the clusters of berries below. Pick red and shiny fruit of all sizes. Leave the white, or orange berries, as they are unripe. They will ripen on the plant for future pickings. Be patient and enjoy the harvest!

We thank you for your cooperation.

PYO location:1264 Erb’s Road, St. Agatha.  Look for the large roadside sign.